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BlackD Proxy 10.31 + WAYPOINTS

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BlackD Proxy 10.31 + WAYPOINTS Empty BlackD Proxy 10.31 + WAYPOINTS

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Blackd Proxy 10.31

BlackD Proxy 10.31 + WAYPOINTS Onlyblackdproxyoa2

First Cheats - in this section we find the basic functions of a bot
Second Runemaker - here you can find the usual options for advanced combustion many do run
3rd Cavebot - autoexpienia and attacking option
4th Warbot - here you will find options. Dot treat friends and useful for PK
5th Tools - this tab are not very useful options, plain "Bajer"
6th HP & Mana - which set a bookmark in any treatment
7th Advanced - tab for advanced users
8th Hotkeys - the usual shortcuts
9th Trainer - a section devoted to training
10th Proxy - Here you can find options to connect
11th Events - events, and a very extensive alarm options
12th Stealth - replaces the recently introduced window typing commands on the client Tibia and bar games
13th ? (Conditional Events) - contingencies
14th Stop Alarm - This option has one task - to stop the alarm
15th Tutorial - this option is only so that we can quickly see the description of the bot
16th Tibia - we can quickly turn Tibia client
17th Tibia MC - this option is used to enable MC
18th News - here you will find all the news, without the need to enter the official website

Blackd Proxy:

Download: tibiaredbot.eu/BlackD.rar

Tibia Waypoints/Scripts 10.31 !

Download: tibiaredbot.eu/Scripts.rar


-Sea serpents with soft refiller, depositer and mana refiller AND task hunter
-heros/necros with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rat's Yalahar with TASKS maker, refiller, depositer.
-Fenrock dragonlair depositer
-Liberty Bay Wyrms - SMALL SPAWN - Depositers/Refiller
-Yalahar Arena 90-110k/h Master Sorcerer 80 LVL depositer/refiller.
-Liberty Bay Earth Elementals & Nightstalkers -1 = refiller/depositer
-Darashia Dragons + sb refil + depositer + mf buyer + rare depositer
-Mutated Rats/Bat/Tigers @ Yalahar Arena MONEYMAKER!!
-Blue djins with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rats/Tigers/Bats Yalahar Arena 100% AFK for PALADIN
-Barbarians Krimhorn (BIG camp+Tower)
-Okolnir South-West Mage + Depositer + Refiller (100+ / 180k/hr)
-Cave Worker Golems 100 % AFK ! REFiller 100k/h DEPOSITER ! FOR PALLYS !
-Mutated Rat Towers 100~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Mutated Arena 100~~125k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Sea Serpents SVAR 130~~180k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-LB NightStalkers 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Yalahar Cults 120~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Giant Spider Yalahar 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Edron Dragons 70~~90k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro/Hero Yalahar West 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Haunted Treeling Yalahar/Vengoth 100~~140k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro Goroma (Ramoa) 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Darashia Dragons 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Dark Cathedral [ 100% AFK ]
-water elementals refiller + rox targeting.
-Full banuta's ground + towers -perfect depositer-
-Venore Orc Tower + Gold Depositer
-Malada Quara Scouts (80-150k/h)
-Edron d lair,perfect poh with depositer good items and manarestore
-yalahar cults (100k/h) profit - with everything
-LB nighstalker (80k/h) profit
-Workers golem (100-150k/h) - profit depend on luck - with everything
-Apes (60 - 80k/h) - big profit
-Yalahar Arena (90-110kh) always profitable - with everything
-Darashia Dragons (80-100kh) - profit big, with everything
-Water Elemtanls (140-160k/h) - profit

• Laguna island+depositer
• Ape -2 With Depositer
• Arena Mutated
• Barbs
• blue djinn yalahar
• Bog Raiders - All Voces
• Cemetery skels
• Chakoyas depositer 1
• Crystal spiders
• Cults Mines NW
• Cyclopolis
• Cyclops Mistrock
• Darashia dlair
• Darashia dragons
• DarkCathedral+items+dpGold (v1.1)
• Djinns Knight
• Dragon Lords Fenrock
• Dragons Yalahar
• Dragon Mage
• Dwarfs Kazzo
• Dworc Depositer - All Voces
• Edron Dragon Lair
• Edron goblins with gold and stones depositer
• Edron trolls with gold
• Frost Dragon all spawns
• Destroyers mines - ghaz
• Forbiden GS - All Voces
• Larvas Ankh - All spawns
• Forbiden Hydras
• Ice witch tower
• Nargor Pirates
• Lizard Camp
• Mammoth_Svar
• Minotaurs Yalahar (FULL) + Depositer + MPrebuyer
• Mintwallin
• Mutant Rats 2 towers
• Nightamres Yala - all Voces
• Orc Fortes - All Voces
• Port Jungle
• Port Hope Tortoise
• Port Hope Trolls
• Scarabs Ankh All Spawns
• Tarantules Port Hope
• Venore Dragon Lair - All Voces
• Rookgard 1-8 lvl Pacc
• Rookgard 1-8 lvl Facc
• Worker Golems
• Wyrms Liberty Bay
• Wyrms Darashia
• Yalahar Green Djins
• Yalahar Blue Djins
• Yalahar GS
• Yalahar Ice Witch
• Yalahar Quaras
• Calassa Quaras
• Yalahar Zombies
• War Golems

Download: tibiaredbot.eu/Scripts.rar


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